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2015-08-11 : Subscription
Add to your website, application,web service, the statement + URL "Data protected by ABMYSQL - www.abmysql.com" and receive 20% according to the purchased subscription.

2015-08-10 : Schedule backups
Simplification of planning: With one click you can choose as: backups are performed every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes.

2015-07-22 : Support and help
Live chat for more help and support : We open our chat to provide you the best support

2015-07-06 : Notification - Backup Confirmation
For each futur connection (or already configured) it is possibile (via a checkbox) to define, if you want to receive or not receive the confirmation email after each backup.

2015-06-30 : Account
Now it is possible to completely remove an account, data, backups, etc.
All data related to your account + your account will be completely deleted from our servers.

2015-06-28 : Schedule backups
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Schedule backups: now, you can schedule your backups when you want: hourly, minute, day of the week, months of the year, day of Month (before this update: Only 1 times per hour and 1 day per day)

2015-06-25 : Backup
Backup Log : ability to delete a backup selection or individual backup

2015-06-23 : Backup
Acceleration of 25% of the execution speed of a backup + transfer to Google Drive

2015-06-20 : Subscription
New condition for new accounts : the first backup is 100% Free

2015-06-18 : Send backup to other servers - Google Drive
Update of the Google's Script update

2015-06-18 : Send backup to other servers
Ability to manually test a connection between ABMYSQL and other storage services

2015-06-17 : Send backup to other servers - Dropbox & FTP
Ability to send backups to Dropbox and FTP server

2015-06-16 : Server update
Changing the primary server

2015-06-15 : Conditions
New condition for the new account: 7 days trial

2015-06-13 : Conditions
New update of the subscription renewal system

2015-06-12 : Protocol
Security Protocol: A major update of the connection verification process to MySQL server from ABMYSQL

2015-06-09 : Subscription
Adding a new subscription: get unlimited database

2015-06-06 : Protocol
Security Protocol: A major update of the restore process from ABMYSQL to a remote mysql connection.

2015-06-06 : Restore
New fonction : Restore logs

2015-06-05 : Security
Recording each connection to the web service for better security

2015-06-05 : Support
Ability to send feedback to the technical service to improve service ABMYSQL

2015-06-02 : Protocol
Security Protocol: A major update of the backup process from ABMYSQL to a remote mysql connection.

2015-06-02 : Security
Automatic check of connection to ABmysql

2015-06-01 : Restore
Our forum is now open : the place to be ! => www.abmysql.com/forum.html

2015-05-30 : Account
Simplification of creating a new account and simplification the connection to MySQL server

2015-05-30 : Backup
For manual backups: backup manual limited to 15 per day per database.

2015-05-29 : Backup
New functionality for backup: ability to perform a manual backup

2015-05-28 : Backup
New System of backup error : new email sent to technical support if erreur exist

2015-05-27 : Restore
Changing the restor system to 100% automatic + Update de V52.336 Secure protocole

2015-05-27 : Backup
Changing the backup system to 100% automatic + Update de V52.336 Secure protocole

2015-05-27 : Opening
Internet service opening - Hello World !

The security and confidentiality of your data is the most important point of this service
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