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Processing of personal data Programming & custom character:

Processing of personal data under the law vigurer relating to data, files and liberties on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

This document presents the Privacy Policy of abMySQL regarding the processing of your personal data (hereinafter "Personal Data") collected during the use of our services and the Website.

Purpose of personal data processing

Personal data is collected for:
1. the issuance and execution of the ordered services;
2. the use and management of the Customer Area;
3. ensure the administrative and technical management of the Services;
4. exchange of messages related to the Service;
5. enable abMySQL to comply with its obligations to the securities laws and regulations, including accounting and tax;
6. permit navigation and interrogation of abMySQL Website;
7. conducting anonymous and aggregated statistical analyzes, these analyzes do not allow the identification of the user and are intended to only audit the quality of services offered;
8. abMySQL does not transfer any information to third parties or marketing companies
9. If the user requests a specific update meet one of its requirements, abMySQL remains the sole owner of the source code and the copyright that result.

Processing tools

Your personal data will, in general, processed using computer or automated tools.

Communication and dissemination of personal data

Your personal data may be disclosed:

1. to individuals and / or companies providing services and advice to accounting, tax, legal and financial abMySQL through the provision and management of services;
2. parties, entities or authorities to which your personal data shall be given in accordance with laws and regulations and / or order of the authorities;
3. entities entrusted by abMySQL to perform strictly related to the issuing of the Services activities and / or with which abMySQL must interact for provision of services (eg, domestic and foreign Authorities domain names to which the documents, forms and data must be communicated, the authorities say that manage Whois databases containing data on domain names etc.) and / or those responsible for carrying out technical maintenance of equipment and / or network;
4. commercial partners if you have given your consent to do so. In addition, the entities and persons who may have access to your personal data in their capacity as director of said data are: the companies of the group abMySQL, employees abMySQL group responsible for the technical and administrative management services, systems managers Information used to provide the Services.

Personal data will not be transferred to third parties, whether gratis or expensive.

Mandatory or optional data

The communication of personal data is required for activation, issuance and delivery of the ordered Services.

The personal data is optional for carrying out market surveys and statistics, for sending advertising nature of communication abMySQL and partners, direct sales operations or product offerings or services for sending commercial information of abMySQL and its partners, for interactive communications at a distance including by electronic mail or automated telephone calls or fax systems. In any case, you can always unsubscribe to newsletters.

Processing of Sensitive Data

abMySQL does not collect personal data of a sensitive nature that is to say, those that reveal, directly or indirectly, the racial or ethnic origins, political, philosophical or religious or trade union affiliation of persons, or are concerning health or sex life of the latter.

It may be that using the abMySQL Services, you broadcast it yourself such data for example by publishing this information on your application, by disclosing such information via email, etc. We invite you as much as possible not to transmit or publish this type of information and to remain extremely vigilant on this point. We also remind you that you are obliged to respect the rights of third parties in respect of their personal and sensitive data. If you decide to use our services to disclose this information, you will, in any event, responsible for the data provided and will need to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. You remain solely responsible also in litigation, dispute, claim, complaint, prosecution, conviction of any nature whatsoever, etc. which could result from the processing of data provided in violation of laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal data you agree to meet abMySQL free from any condemnation, prosecution etc. that may arise from the use and / or publication of such data. In addition, you formally commit to receiving the prior consent of the third party regarding the processing of the data and assume all responsibility in this regard.

In any case, such dissemination of data could be considered the fact abMySQL therefore abMySQL disclaims all liability in this regard.

Processing of personal data of third parties provided by the user

When using abMySQL services for third parties, the personal data of third parties you provide will be subject to the same treatment as other personal information collected on the Site. It is understood that you will, in any event, responsible for the data provided and will need to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. You remain solely responsible also in litigation, dispute, claim, demand, suit of any nature whatsoever, conviction etc. which could result from the processing of personal data in violation of the laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal data you agree to meet abMySQL free from any condemnation, litigation etc. which could arise from the use of such data. In addition, you formally commit to receiving the prior consent of the third party regarding the processing of the data and assume all responsibility in this regard.

Navigation data

The information systems and software used to run the websites of abMySQL collect certain data that is used by Internet communication protocols.

These data are not collected to be associated with users, but by their nature, they can allow the identification by the processing and reconciliation with data managed by third parties.

Collected navigation data are:

1. IP addresses or domain names of users' computers;
2. the means used to connect to computer servers abMySQL;
3. the size of the file obtained in response to the connection to the server;
4. the numeric code on the status of the server response (successful, error etc.)
5. and other parameters relating to the operating system and computer environment of the user.

This data is used only for statistical analysis using the website abMySQL and to ensure the proper operation. They are deleted immediately after processing. However, the data may be used in case of infringement of the Website or third parties.

Regarding the use of cookies, please note that access to the Website abMySQL may involve sending text files by computer servers abMySQL and on the user's computer to obtain information on browsing the Site. Furthermore, the transmission of temporary cookies is necessary for the operation of certain parts of the Site that require the identification and monitoring of navigation. The following data are recorded during any access to the site: type of browser (eg Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.), type of operating system (eg Windows, Macintosh), the origin of the host and the URL the page data. These data can be used anonymously and aggregated for statistical analysis of site. Finally, the use of session cookies (which are not stored permanently on the user's computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session ID (consisting of numbers randomly generated by the server) necessary for safe and efficient exploration of the site.

You can always disable cookies simply by setting your browser options.

Responsibility abMySQL - abMySQL:

abMySQL is not able to guarantee the Client a continuous and permanent availability of the Service. abMySQL however makes its best efforts to provide the Service, subject to maintenance periods. abMySQL reserves the right to interrupt the service for maintenance and / or improvement of the Service. These service interruptions will, to the extent opportunities abMySQL, previously notified to the Client without obligation on the part of abMySQL. In an emergency, abMySQL nevertheless reserves the right to suspend partially or totally, for a reasonable period, the Service to conduct any required technical operation. These service interruptions may not result in any compensation for the Client. In case of unavailability of the service due to technical malfunctions of spring abMySQL, abMySQL will do its best to solve this (s) failure (s) as soon as possible after the written notice sent by the exclusive means of Space Customer, abMySQL with the proviso that i) Customer describe as precisely the dysfunctions observed ii) said malfunctions can be reproduced iii) the Customer cooperates fully with abMySQL iv) the said malfunctions are not to misuse of origin Service and / or data and / or the Website by the Client. abMySQL disclaims all liability in case of interruption and / or malfunction of service due to (i) the breach or non-compliance of the Customer of any of its obligations CGS and PC titles as well as the information provided by abMySQL, (ii) the malfunction or improper use of the means of access to the service used by the Customer and / or inappropriate use of the service by the Customer (iii) force majeure events, (iv) the events dependent on acts of third parties such as, for example, interruption or malfunction of the services of telecommunication operators and / or power lines or acts of omission or error by the Authority competent (v) malfunctioning of the terminals or other communications systems used by the Customer (vi) due to the Customer. abMySQL makes its best efforts to ensure the continuity of services, however, given the complexity and circumstances specific to the hosting business, abMySQL can not be held to an obligation of means under these TOS and CP. Consequently, abMySQL can not be held responsible for delays or problems in the route emails and computer data, loss of data, difficulties or impossibilities of access, slow connection, or other technical problem due to circumstances and / or intermediaries to external technical abMySQL. In addition, the Customer undertakes to carry out any operation requested by abMySQL as soon required time, including resettlement and / or reconfiguration of its service. The Customer will be informed beforehand in its Customer Area. It will have further background information on the website of abMySQL and / or its Customer Area. It is understood qu'abMySQL not load any of these operations (re) configuration for the Customer's account, nor shall bear any costs relating to those transactions. abMySQL can not be held liable for compensation for direct and indirect damages suffered by the Customer as a result directly or indirectly from the performance or improper performance of services such as an indicative and non-exhaustive manner, the loss revenue, goodwill, profits, computer data, moral prejudice etc.

Responsibility abMySQL - Server Change:

abMySQL octroies to each of its users 2 different server. The second server is used to provide customers / users abMySQL access to software only for maintenance of the 1st server. The customer has the ability to run a "server change process" manuellement.Ce process will only be available for maintenance of 1 server - abMySQL will never be an actor or executor of the process. In the event of a server change executed by the client, an email will automatically be sent to the inbox of the client BEFORE the process is executed by the client (the email address will be the one used for the purchase of Software - abMySQL can not be held responsible in case of incorrect email address at the launch of the process). abMySQL can not be held responsible in any case in the event of data loss during the change process server - The client will always have the choice to wait for maintenance or change server. The data available on the second server will be the data that were subject to an automatic backup - server availability as a backup will be performed every hour or every 30 minutes between the first server and the second server - a risk of data shift is possible abMySQL not be in any way responsible for this shift data in case of server change.

Backup and restore database.

abMySQL will never be responsible for actions performed when a backup or restore a database, tabes, fields, etc.

Advertising space

abMySQL reserves the right to use the available space or any part of the program to air commercials internet or external advertisers.

Of Personal Data Processing Manager

The Data Controller is: abMySQL - info@abMySQL.be

Storage of personal data and security measures

Personal data will be stored for the duration specified by the laws and regulations on computer servers abMySQL society. In any case, your data will be kept only for the time necessary to achieve the objectives outlined under "Purposes of the processing of personal data", that is to say as long as the relationship between the user and the the controller requires for the Service. If you decide to cancel your account, or if all services have expired or canceled, your personal data we will be abolished only met the administrative requirements, tax, accounting, contractual and legal imposing abMySQL to retain data.

These personal data will be collected, processed and stored in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements in force governing our business.

abMySQL reserves the right to block access to the application in case of non payment of an invoice or other delivery service.

In case of non-payment of our invoices, abMySQL reserves the right to charge an additional monthly fee of € 9.00 plus VAT IF late payment by unpaid bill is greater than or equal to 3 months of use. This additional expenditure required to cover the operation of the server and thus the unused program. This supplement also cover necessary recourse to payment reminders

If repayment of a software via a credit note, abMySQL (abMySQL) disclaims all liability in use, good keeping data and program accessibility. abMySQL will no longer be responsible for the correct operation of the client software if available to a credit note related to the software is provided between établie.Cette dice into account the known date on the credit note.

User Rights

You can contact the Head of treatment at any time, to exercise your rights of access, rectification and opposition to your information as described in the Act by sending a request imperatively accompanied by proof of identity, of a copy of the submissions received and any other element allowing us to identify the applicant and the communications in question to the data which you will find below the contact information:

abMySQL [abMySQL]

This notice is governed by Belgian law.

The security and confidentiality of your data is the most important point of this service
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