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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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For more details and see how ABMYSQL work ? visit our forum.

Q: Is there a tutorial on how to configure ABmysql?
A: See our forum, I publish all news updates or new informations on the forum.

Q: What can I do with ABmysql ?
A: You can run scheduled backups of MySQL databases, run file/folder backup, zip and encrypt the backups, store them on a network or on a FTP server (with any custom port), remove old backups, send backup to Google drive, Dropbox, Etc.

Q: How do I restore backups?
A: ABmysql backup file is just the text that consists of CREATE and INSERT statements. You need to run it on your server. Go to MySQL restore page, select the backup to restore and click to "restore" button.

Q: What I can NOT do with ABMYSQL?
A: Nothing ! If something doesn't exist , ask me and develop it, only one point is impossible : you can not connect a local MySQL database via a local network because abmysql is a web service. You can connect a local database you a DDNS for example.

Q: What is the difference between Free and other versions?
A: There are no differences, you have the same options, with the free version you can connect only one connection.

Q: Does it run as a service ? Does it need to be started?
A: The start is triggered by Web service, when the job is scheduled to run once a day or a service in more complicated scenarios. The web service will run just fine and you do not need to be logged-in for it to start

Q: Can it be used with Dropbox or other clouds ?
A: Yes. You should specify a path to a folder linked with dropbox (or other) in "Destination page". Also in advanced settings select output file format to be like [DatabaseOrFolderName].sql

Q: Can I change the default [DatabaseOrFolderName]YYYYMMDDhhmm.sql output file format?
A: No, for the security you can not change this information .

Q: What kind of Zip file encryption supported?
A: We have developed our encryption.

Q: Can I get a trial version to test Amazon S3, Google Drive or other options not available in free version?
A: Just create a new account now and configure your first free connection, then configure your "destination" without other cost : it's 100% free for your first MySQL connection with unlimited backup

Q: How long is my license valid?
A: The license has no expiration limit for version that you buy : 1, 3, 6, 12 months.

Q: May I install the software on more than one computer?
A: No. You don't have and can not install our service one computer because this is a web service.

Q: Can I send e-mail confirmations to multiple e-mails?
A: No, for the security you can just select one email per account.

Q: can I backup a large database ?
A: Yes, no limit !

Q: I do not receive e-mail confirmations, what's wrong?
A: Please, contact me by email to tell my that's wrong.

Q: Is there a log available?
A: On the left menu, there's a button "Log" that brings up a text file with all the logs.

Q: I have a free account , how can I change To paid version ?
A: Connect you to your account, go to "subscription " and select the subscription wanted, your account will upgrade after your payment.

The security and confidentiality of your data is the most important point of this service
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