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Online Mysql Backup Made Easy
Unlimited Auto backup for Mysql Database  

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About us
With this service
There is no software to install ! just create a connection with your mysql database.
EVERY backups are by default stored on our secure servers and you can restore them whenever you want.

Then you can transfer AUTOMATICALLY the backups to your different storage services, such as:


Imagine ... you lose your database after a crash disk
It's happened to many of company and it can happen at any moment.

First, we have created this service internally for our needs and our security.
Why ? because in 2014, following large problem backup and data restore our IT and technical service had to solve big data problem.

Since September 2014 we have developed a service : stable and secure to safeguard our MYSQL databases.
The ABMYSL web service (MySQL Auto Backup) is a project used daily and always updated because we use this service to back up our databases.

Since the establishment and use of this web service, the CEO of abMySQL and technical service sleep without problems.
Since 2015 we offer this web service to anyone needing a simple backup system
We tested a lot of backup system, there are many programs that have lots of unnecessary options, with no reliable planning system.

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More about us
Since 2010, abMySQL is a company specializing in software development and risk management .

Our ability to analyze the needs of our customers combined with our know-how allows programmer to create ever more efficient and precise functionality.

We take pride in developing our software in our society without subcontracting to keep total control possibilities in order to always be able to meet the demand of a customer.
Furthermore our ability to develop software, we created a circle of contacts with several professionals from different sectors.
These professionals allow us to have an outside look at our development, allowing us to have a final report of constructive criticism in order to constantly improve our functions and to best meet your needs.

Our main offices are located in Brussels (Belgium) and in the Central Region / Charleroi (Belgium) - We also have a circle of retailers worldwide.

International service but common needs

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CEO - abMySQL since 2010
Project manager : ABMYSQL
Email : info@abMySQL.com    |    www.abMySQL.com
Location : Bruxelles - Belgium
Check the company's status - 123

The security and confidentiality of your data is the most important point of this service
abmysql abMySQL   |   Project manager ABMYSQL
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